Toy Soldier Day 2012

Attention Denver Soldiers (and those from the surrounding areas)!

Soldier Bella and Lieutenant Rothen are organizing a get-together for Toy Soldier Day (this coming Sunday, 4 March) at Pita Grill (911 E. Colfax Ave) during the entire day (11a-Midnight). Please bring Propaganda and a sense of FUN! Having been to Pita, it’s a nice chill place to just hang out. Hope everyone has a blast up there in Denver.

And for those of you who are prepared to make the journey… The Happiest Place on Earth™ awaits. Simultaneous invasions of Walt Disney World and Disneyland will take place this coming Saturday 3 March.

Follow the California invasion on twitter, and look for the photographic evidence both here and on TSU!

Toy Soldier Disneyland Invasion IV (The Fun Strikes Back) — California @DisneyVI2012
Invasion Toy Soldier Story III — Downtown Disney, Florida

And finally, on Sunday 4 March the Clockwork Zombies of the 1667th Division (London, UK) will be invading the Imperial War Museum in London, preceded by tactical playtime at the NAMCO Arcade, and followed by yet another rousing night on the town (most likely at the Toy Soldiers’ favourite pub, The Hobgoblin in Camden).

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