Sub Corps

The mission of the Seventh Mountain Regiment, to spread fun and happiness throughout the Rocky Mountains, can be carried out by any Toy Soldier, Scout, Nurse, or Engineer in the regiment.  However, certain refinements of the existing mission have been identified, and corps of soldiers have come together to manifest these refinements.

Firstly, and foremost is the Relief Corps.

The Relief Corps are the Civil Defence arm of the Regiment.  They teach members of the public and other Toy Soldiers the skills needed to deal with natural disasters.  The Mountain West is no stranger to the extremes of nature such as flash flooding, tornadoes, and wildfires, and the Relief Corps want you to be ready for the next season.  Additionally, the members of the Relief Corps volunteer to assist with cleanup and incident response in uniform, showing the colours while helping their neighbours.

US Federal Disaster Preparedness (

Fire Adapted Communities (

Flood Awareness (

San Francisco 72 (

NM State Preparedness Guide

ReadyColorado Preparedness Guide

If you are interested in joining the Relief Corps, just let us know!

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