You’ve read the blurb about why we’re here, and you’ve Signed our Roster, because you want to help us take over the world.  Now what?  Missions.

Most of our missions are pretty basic.  Put the idea out there, make fun your top priority, tell others how great it is to have fun all the time, and the like.  But what if you’re looking for more interesting things to do?  More audacious things, more inspired things, more fantastic things?  Take some inspiration from the mission ideas below.


 Operation: Bookmark

By spreading propaganda to the masses, this simple mission is best carried out by printing up a sheet of bookmarks and putting them anywhere you think people will find them.  Put them in your Library books when you return them;  Put them in your books you lend to friends; stash a bunch in cleverly-themed books at a bookstore.

Operation: Leaflet

Leaflet campaigns have spread information for everything from the new club night in town to instructions on surviving a nuclear attack.  While we hope the latter will never happen, our leaflet will help you learn about the Utopian Playland: through the Manifesto.  Set up a soap-box in a park; have a booth at a convention; put them in the magazines at the doctor’s office.  Please, just don’t litter!

Operation: Sticker Attack

I’m sure you all have something which can be improved by the grinning visage of our leader or his robotic minions.  Slap a sticker on it, and send us a picture!  Please only stick stickers to items which you own or have permission… but sticker walls in music venues, and personal laptops are GREAT places to stick things!

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