We’re Back!

A couple of months ago, I accidentally the database behind the Seventh Regiment’s website.  The Whole Thing.


So, we’re back!  I’ll go back and try and rebuild the old posts, but the one thing I learned is that you make backups regularly, THEN delete stuff you think you’re not using.  That way, when you find out you’ve deleted something you need, you can get it back.

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Toy Soldier Day 2012

Attention Denver Soldiers (and those from the surrounding areas)!

Soldier Bella and Lieutenant Rothen are organizing a get-together for Toy Soldier Day (this coming Sunday, 4 March) at Pita Grill (911 E. Colfax Ave) during the entire day (11a-Midnight). Please bring Propaganda and a sense of FUN! Having been to Pita, it’s a nice chill place to just hang out. Hope everyone has a blast up there in Denver.

And for those of you who are prepared to make the journey… The Happiest Place on Earth™ awaits. Simultaneous invasions of Walt Disney World and Disneyland will take place this coming Saturday 3 March.

Follow the California invasion on twitter, and look for the photographic evidence both here and on TSU!

Toy Soldier Disneyland Invasion IV (The Fun Strikes Back) — California @DisneyVI2012
Invasion Toy Soldier Story III — Downtown Disney, Florida

And finally, on Sunday 4 March the Clockwork Zombies of the 1667th Division (London, UK) will be invading the Imperial War Museum in London, preceded by tactical playtime at the NAMCO Arcade, and followed by yet another rousing night on the town (most likely at the Toy Soldiers’ favourite pub, The Hobgoblin in Camden).

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Success! Witch Hunt V

Congratulations are in order for the personnel of the Fighting 97th in another successful Halloween invasion of the Witch City (Salem, Massachusetts). This year, the weather (a Nor’Easter) as well as the day (Monday) placed a damper on festivities, but the celebrations all kicked in as evening fell.

A hearty congratulations to Agent Dark’s award-winning Giant Robot costume (voted the best by the adulation of the crowds around the Salem Wax Museum); a mark of bravery for Sgt. Moustache who braved the breezy and unseasonable weather to represent the 128th Kilted Divison; and thanks to the Californian contingent for making the trek, Scout Janey, Nurse Ophelia, and YellowJacket Charlene.

And finally, check out the photographic and audio/visual evidence taken by Captain Mayo, over on the old forums.

Onward! Toy Soldiers Unite!

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Mission Report: ABQ ComicCon

I write you this day to inform you of the SUCCESSFUL brainwashing of the overcrowded and immensely popular Albuquerque Comic Con by members
of the Seventh Mountain Regiment!

In attendance were Scoutmistress Riognach, Nurse Amy, Soldier Mark and YellowJacket Geoff. Interviews were given to a local television station, but we didn’t make the website (and I failed to remember to check the broadcast!)

Over sixty DVDs, thirty manifestos, and hundreds of bookmarks and cards were handed out to the over six-thousand attendees; numerous photograps were taken, and salutes were gathered with many stars and attendees alike.

The Utopian Playland lives on at the High Altitude Research Centre!

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Invasion! ABQ Comic Expo

Greetings my unconventional conventionists!… Wait, wrong forum!

I am pleased to announce that the Seventh Regiment will have a table in Artist’s Alley at the Albuquerque Comic Expo, set up to brainwash and propagandize the comic book fans of the 505. Come on down and rub elbows with the likes of Gene Ha, Stan Lee, Rodney Ramos, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Kurly Tlapoyawa, and Peter Mayhew! (also there will be the local detachment of the 501st, and the Albuquerque Browncoats)

In addition to this, we will be sharing the table with the Midnight SurGENs, the local shadowcast for Repo! The Genetic Opera. These fine folks will be presenting their shadowcast on Saturday evening, and both Rev. Geoff and Nurse Imbri will be participating.

So come and join us at the Albuquerque Convention Center, 24-26 2011! Tickets Here: $50 for the weekend, or $25 per day.

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Mission Report: TSDisneyWorld II

DisneyWorld Invasion II – Dead Man’s Chest

I come bearing a successful report from the Experimental Community of Tomorrow (aka EPCOT) from the most recent Toy Soldier Day past. I joined the Red Tide division and a lone representative from TSU-UK, and successfully invaded both EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom; representatives of the Red Tide invaded Hollywood Studios the day before, and continued the invasion the next day. A grand total of twenty-five soldiers invaded EPCOT on Saturday.

No fewer than fifteen people inquired after our group, and propaganda was handed out to the curious masses.

Most Valuable Soldier goes definitely to Risa for putting it all together, and a special mention goes to Cadeon and AmyLou for graciously hosting seven soldiers on their floor on Sunday night (feeding them both breakfast and dinner, and ferrying them the hour into Orlando to catch transport out). KUDOS!

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A Sudden Passing

We would like to extend our condolences with our friends in the London Division of the Army of Toy Soldiers to the family of Colonel Necro.

He was a leader of the London Division and a veteran of many invasions. He will be remembered as a kind, dedicated, feisty Toy Soldier who was already a legend before his departure from us. His concern for his fellow soldier and his grin both were infectious, and I’m saddened to hear of his passing.

TSU-UK Remembrance Page

TSU Remembrance Page

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Mission Report: SteamCon II

Con MVP: Little Miss Parasite
SotW: Mr. Fritz

SteamCon II was attended this year by twenty-three soldiers, most from the Cascadian Militia, but with representatives from the Desert Rats and the Seventh Mountain. The invasion proper was held on Saturday, with a booth in Artist Alley providing a stationary propaganda basecamp for the masses to be brainwashed (three booths down from the League of S.T.E.A.M. and across the hall from the main Saturday night concert venue. The base-station had a laptop playing the PSAs and the Music and shared the table with Ugly and FOE’s Steel dispenser, and we managed to successfully distribute over one hundred Dr. Steel buttons, over one hundred colour pamphlets, a number of “doctorsteel.com” click-pens.

The Steel dispenser was a big hit, with a number of people stopping to take pictures of it, and to take the propaganda “straight from Doc’s mouth”. A number of people also asked if Ugly was for sale (we did not sell him) but encouraged them to take as many pictures with the “cute steampunked ugly doll!”

In addition to the stationary location, FUN was distributed amongst those in attendance (in both fun-cards and whoops of laughter) by Amazon1 and Amazon2, wearing the eye-catching uniforms designed by Mr. Fritz and fabricated by Miss Parasite. With the adorable Kids Club members and Baaahb (the electric sheep), cackles of glee followed in the wake of the Toy Soldiers.

However, the capstone of the event was the announcement of Roman and Emily’s engagement on-stage by Captain Robert during the concert. But
of course, when dealing with pirates, there is always the matter of payment. So Mr. Fritz and Amazon2 presented the ‘bribe’ on stage in
full uniform, a captain’s ration keg emblazoned with the Abney Park logo and Robert’s name on the end.

Attendance by:
Manwella and Alexandra, the Toy Soldier Amazons
Mr. Fritz, DB & Holgar
Little Miss Parasite and her sister, Blackraven & FOE
Poetic Fox
Mad Xander
Soldier Andy
Lorien Stormfeather
The Dude
Gillie McKraken

and the Adorable Doctor Steel Kids’ Club members

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Operation: Witch Hunt IV

Pandemonium in The Streets
Witch Hunt Hits Record Numbers
Toy Soldiers invade Salem Four Years Running

Toy Soldiers of the Fighting 97th invaded the (in)famous Witch town Salem, Massachusetts for the fourth time in a row this last Halloween, on a search for fun, happiness and the supernatural. They found thousands of curious and costumed people wandering about the town, taking in the sights and ripe for brainwashing.

Those embarking from the Division Barracks stopped for breakfast, and propagandized the staff of the local doughnut shop by tripling the number of people in the shop by unloading three car-loads of soldiers into the shop. We also amazed the patrons with the ‘interesting costumes’; the brainwashing began early!

Soldiers were set to assemble in Salem at Lappin Park by the statue of “Samantha” from TV’s “Bewitched”; the Toy Soldiers set up with the Banner, taking pictures and spreading propaganda to the masses. Besides being a good meeting place, it was a great corner to subliminally brainwash the visitors taking pictures with the statue, and many many many pictures have Doctor Steel and his Toy Soldier army in the background. The Toy Soldiers marched from their meeting point down the Essex Street pedestrian mall, handing out propaganda and posing for group photographs. Arriving at the Fountain on Essex, the soldiers invaded the interior seeking refuge from the cold and contemplated food. Dancing around and generally making fools of ourselves (in a good way) the army set up in front a beautiful wrought-iron fence across from the Museum Place Mall, and proceeded to have another stationary propaganda point with Geoff and Jack performing as carnival barkers to entice and lure in the populace. Drone, AJ, Schmee, Taco, Kristy, and Donut (to mention a few) spread out in the crowd, distributing propaganda lollipops, enlightening pop-rocks and trick-or-treat brainwashing along with the Further Information pamphlets.

As a memento of the invasion, Rev. Keyblade organized a group photo shoot with a “vintage” photo studio. All of the soldiers who were participating in the invasion filled their largest scene, and we propagandized many as they peered in through the shop window to see all of the soldiers arranged with witches hats, staves, swords and salutes; one of the group photos graced the front-page of ToySoldiersUnite.com.

Many of the visitors and residents of Salem recognized the Toy Soldier force from prior years, and were glad to see “a new Salem Halloween Institution” starting. The recognition continued throughout the evening, when we were stopped by a couple of journalists from the local Salem Gazette. Witch Hunt 4 succeeded in finding plenty of fun, in distributing plenty of propaganda, in brainwashing plenty of people, and set its own record: an all time high of invasion attendees.

Onward! To a Utopian Playland!
Article republished from TSU, by Rev. Geoff

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Mission Report: Great Grand British Invasion 2010

It was awesome!

While I was a little bit late to the event on Saturday (I had gotten stuck in the Tower of London, and didn’t budget my morning correctly), it was easy enough to find Monte at the Eye, and with a quick-change in a phone box (not really, I just changed shirts on the pavement), it was a quick walk up the Thames to catch up with the rest of the soldiers on the riverwalk.

On the riverwalk, we stopped for refreshment, and attempted to fit a number of toy soldiers into the bank of phone boxes, and took pictures. While we waited and rested from the heatwave that was striking the capitol, we waved and saluted for a number of tourist buses which passed us on the road.

From the riverwalk, we proceeded to the Imperial War Museum, where we split up into small groups. I spoke to some tourists and tour guides who were curious of the uniformed people invading the museum, and handed out propaganda. One of the tour guides was quite surprised that I was from America, and had come all this way, but she was too. I had too much fun in the museum, however, and I emerged to find the group had moved on!

I managed to get a hold of Jack of Blades (whose tentacles are quite terrifying), and determined a place for a meet-up in Camden for the pub-crawl, and I went adventuring about Camden Town. Found a wonderful little place to sit and eat my dinner at the Camden locks, and sat in my uniform happily munching.

That evening, I met back up with the team at the End of the World, where we promptly proceeded to The Hobgoblin, a metal and gothic-themed pub. And that was a bunch of fun. I propagandised the table over from us, while they asked us about what we were doing, how Doctor Steel fit into the world-views of anarchism and nihilism (If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong), and had a generally good time.

Sunday, we had an early morning starting back at the Eye again, and had a coffee and some Bumper Cars at the NAMCO arcade. Here we met General Squirrel, his parents, and his dog, and and steeled ourselves for our scheduled protest at Westminster, in Parliament Square. We marched across Westminster bridge, placards held high for all the tourists to see, and discovered the green already encamped… with other protesters!

Turns out that the Peace Village that had set up in February, was still encamped there. This fractious group of protesters who only had one thing in common (ending the British involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq) actually turned out to be a boon! We walked amongst them, spreading fun, happiness, and Doctor Steel and they took to it pretty well! By the end, we had been offered a loudspeaker for giving a speech (we had been told to not bring them by the constabulary), one of the protesters joined us as we marched to No 10, and the folks with the loudspeaker proclaimed “Peace, Love and Doctor Steel” as we left. What started off as a bit of a tense encounter (black, quasi-military uniforms showing up unexpectedly at a peace protest) ended up well for all.

We continued down the street to our scheduled protest in front of Downing Street, and encountered another couple of protests (one to free a missing Israeli/British citizen), but passed along, spreading fun and happiness. We weren’t allowed to go down Downing Street (as it is really just a short alleyway), but we set up across the street from the large gate, and spread propaganda to the tourists and those wandering through town.

And then it was time for Hamleys, the largest toy store in London. As we had problems with them last year, we attempted to go in Hobbit-style (two-by-two, in waves). The main body of the invasion waited in a back alley with the placards, and groups headed into the store. Turns out, they were not as opposed to us this year, and by the end, Monte had replaced the store barker on the pedestal outside the store, performing juggling tricks to amaze and delight.

The evening ended with the Toy Soldiers returning to the Steam Engine (where some of the soldiers were rooming), we watched the World Cup final, and had a wonderful night.

All in all, it was a great invasion, and I had a bunch of fun doing it, totally worth the seven hour flight!

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