Success! Witch Hunt V

Congratulations are in order for the personnel of the Fighting 97th in another successful Halloween invasion of the Witch City (Salem, Massachusetts). This year, the weather (a Nor’Easter) as well as the day (Monday) placed a damper on festivities, but the celebrations all kicked in as evening fell.

A hearty congratulations to Agent Dark’s award-winning Giant Robot costume (voted the best by the adulation of the crowds around the Salem Wax Museum); a mark of bravery for Sgt. Moustache who braved the breezy and unseasonable weather to represent the 128th Kilted Divison; and thanks to the Californian contingent for making the trek, Scout Janey, Nurse Ophelia, and YellowJacket Charlene.

And finally, check out the photographic and audio/visual evidence taken by Captain Mayo, over on the old forums.

Onward! Toy Soldiers Unite!

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