Operation: Witch Hunt IV

Pandemonium in The Streets
Witch Hunt Hits Record Numbers
Toy Soldiers invade Salem Four Years Running

Toy Soldiers of the Fighting 97th invaded the (in)famous Witch town Salem, Massachusetts for the fourth time in a row this last Halloween, on a search for fun, happiness and the supernatural. They found thousands of curious and costumed people wandering about the town, taking in the sights and ripe for brainwashing.

Those embarking from the Division Barracks stopped for breakfast, and propagandized the staff of the local doughnut shop by tripling the number of people in the shop by unloading three car-loads of soldiers into the shop. We also amazed the patrons with the ‘interesting costumes’; the brainwashing began early!

Soldiers were set to assemble in Salem at Lappin Park by the statue of “Samantha” from TV’s “Bewitched”; the Toy Soldiers set up with the Banner, taking pictures and spreading propaganda to the masses. Besides being a good meeting place, it was a great corner to subliminally brainwash the visitors taking pictures with the statue, and many many many pictures have Doctor Steel and his Toy Soldier army in the background. The Toy Soldiers marched from their meeting point down the Essex Street pedestrian mall, handing out propaganda and posing for group photographs. Arriving at the Fountain on Essex, the soldiers invaded the interior seeking refuge from the cold and contemplated food. Dancing around and generally making fools of ourselves (in a good way) the army set up in front a beautiful wrought-iron fence across from the Museum Place Mall, and proceeded to have another stationary propaganda point with Geoff and Jack performing as carnival barkers to entice and lure in the populace. Drone, AJ, Schmee, Taco, Kristy, and Donut (to mention a few) spread out in the crowd, distributing propaganda lollipops, enlightening pop-rocks and trick-or-treat brainwashing along with the Further Information pamphlets.

As a memento of the invasion, Rev. Keyblade organized a group photo shoot with a “vintage” photo studio. All of the soldiers who were participating in the invasion filled their largest scene, and we propagandized many as they peered in through the shop window to see all of the soldiers arranged with witches hats, staves, swords and salutes; one of the group photos graced the front-page of ToySoldiersUnite.com.

Many of the visitors and residents of Salem recognized the Toy Soldier force from prior years, and were glad to see “a new Salem Halloween Institution” starting. The recognition continued throughout the evening, when we were stopped by a couple of journalists from the local Salem Gazette. Witch Hunt 4 succeeded in finding plenty of fun, in distributing plenty of propaganda, in brainwashing plenty of people, and set its own record: an all time high of invasion attendees.

Onward! To a Utopian Playland!
Article republished from TSU, by Rev. Geoff

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