Mission Report: TSDisneyWorld II

DisneyWorld Invasion II – Dead Man’s Chest

I come bearing a successful report from the Experimental Community of Tomorrow (aka EPCOT) from the most recent Toy Soldier Day past. I joined the Red Tide division and a lone representative from TSU-UK, and successfully invaded both EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom; representatives of the Red Tide invaded Hollywood Studios the day before, and continued the invasion the next day. A grand total of twenty-five soldiers invaded EPCOT on Saturday.

No fewer than fifteen people inquired after our group, and propaganda was handed out to the curious masses.

Most Valuable Soldier goes definitely to Risa for putting it all together, and a special mention goes to Cadeon and AmyLou for graciously hosting seven soldiers on their floor on Sunday night (feeding them both breakfast and dinner, and ferrying them the hour into Orlando to catch transport out). KUDOS!

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