Mission Report: Project A-Kon 21

A belated report for Project A-Kon; ran into a number of soldiers while working Security for both the Abney Park concert and the Dealers’ Room. Wore a uniform or something resembling it all weekend, so was very identifiable by the end of it.

Had a couple of attendees ask if I was personal security for Robert and Abney Park, but I laughed them off. I did deliver six pounds of cookies to the Crew, and they said “Oh, of course it’d be a Toy Soldier!” (I also think that they think that Roman made the cookies…)

The meetup on Saturday wound up coming upstairs to say hello to me, and stand in front of the AC Vent that was the Dealers’ Room, and I didn’t get up to much fun at all… except hanging out with Coyote at the Rocky Showing.

All in all, fun times. Didn’t see enough soldiers for long enough, but spread the word deeper within the ranks of high-level Con Staff every year. Soon, we’ll have the Directors in our sights!

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