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Informational posts about the activities of the Seventh Mountain Regiment

May the Fourth

The Fourth of May has come again, and the internet is awash with Star Wars posts. So here’s ours. Hope everyone’s having a great spring, and they got up to all kinds of fun on Play Day last Saturday. And now there’s a new star wars movie to watch to celebrate with your besties, be…

Building a Playland

Released today, as an homage to the old theme for the Army of Toy Soldiers, we present… Building a Playland

Toy Soldier Orbital Sciences Directorate

Ok, sorry for the inconvenience; I’ve turned off all of those APOD links. If you enjoyed them, please consider subscribing to APOD directly. Otherwise, I’m still working on getting the APOD feed to feed the TSOSD page. What is the Orbital Sciences Directorate? It’s the Toy Soldier Space Program; where we aspire to the stars…

Incoming Transmission: Propaganda

And now a message from the TSU administrator about Propaganda

Incoming Transmission: Robots

Join our bearded administrator on an exploration of our electronic friends: Robots! Have you hugged your robot today?

We’re Back!

A couple of months ago, I accidentally the database behind the Seventh Regiment’s website.  The Whole Thing.   So, we’re back!  I’ll go back and try and rebuild the old posts, but the one thing I learned is that you make backups regularly, THEN delete stuff you think you’re not using.  That way, when you…

Pinecone Broadcast #19

This week, Toy Soldier Timmy discovers the extremes of Mother Nature. And then catches on fire. Good thing we can just print another. Aren’t Mascots Grand?

Pinecone Broadcast #18

Incoming Message from the Army of Toy Soldiers

Pinecone Broadcast #17

Halloween is in the offing this month. Join the US Soldiers for Operation: Witch Hunt in Salem, MA, USA on 31 October; and the UK Toy Soldiers can join in on an invasion of MCM Expo in London on 25-27 October.

Pinecone Broadcast #16

Upcoming Invasions, TSU-TV announcements, and a competition with the Foam Defence Corps (FDC)