Mission Report: PAX Prime 2009

I would like to report a successful invasion as Steel Clone #37 to Penny Arcade Expo; we had a relatively small showing (Roman, Emily, Killandrake and myself) but still had a very large draw with my Steel Clone costume. Very many people thought I was the doctor, and while I didn’t dissuade them of this fact, I did take a lot of photographs with the crowd, and even gave two interviews on camera for a couple of groups. When I find their videos, I will post them to the PAX thread as well as submit them as Mission Reports.

I did a dual costume, both a Dapper Steel and a Science Steel, as well as incorporate as many lines from the PSAs as I could remember in my shtick as Doc. I’m somewhat proud to have Roman’s vote that I did a fantastic Doc impression (and the swooning fangirls to prove it). I was rather proud to be only sort of recognised out of costume by a couple of said fangirls (and boys) but still feel that this past PAX was again, a great success.

The photo-ops and the propaganda distribution went very well. We started with about ten pounds of propaganda, distributed amongst stickers, DVDs, bookmarks and postcards; and ended the day with only about two pounds of it left, if that (the scale I checked on was at the airport, I’ll know the total haul tomorrow).

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