Operation: Dress for Success

I am so very much overdue for my report regarding Disneyland that I shall not stand it to go unreported any longer.

Sadly, I don’t remember any specifics, so I shall leave you with this:

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

But I have not been inactive since that time, and I report with glee that the soldiers in my division have been active of their own accord, organizing invasions of their own. Whilst I was away at Disneyland, Soldier Bella of Denver, and Lieutenant Rothen invaded a local Anime convention in uniform, and Lt. Rothen continues to invade nightclubs bedecked in Toy Soldier Paraphernalia.

And on that same night, Scout Antimony with Nurses Imbri and Penny went on their own “Operation: Dress for Success” during which they acquired bits and pieces of their uniforms in preparation for a night on the town… in uniform. Scout Antimony, Nurse Imbri, Soldier-in-Training Rachel and myself invaded one of our local pool halls to play some 9-ball, and to break hearts and minds of the townsfolk. While out, we did run low on propaganda, spark much conversation, and engage in much merriment, so it was a successful night out.

Dress for Success

(Gallery Link here)

And Finally, I attended a screening of “Repo: The Genetic Opera” (with the director in attendance!) in uniform, whereupon I met Operative Viralus, who is now a member of my division (he being a soldier from the dormant Division 505) while handing out stickers and cards to an interested audience.

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