The Gaming Mammoth 2017

The time has come again! Toy Soldier Day has passed us by, and now the next big thing is upon us: Charity Work.
Gaming Mammoth

Yes, the Army of Toy Soldiers are not just a bunch of mirthful people who run around and spread cheer and silliness… we are also a bunch of gamers dedicated to charitable acts. For the last three years, every spring we get togeteher and raise money for a good cause by streaming our silliness on the internet. In 2014 we raised over a thousand dollars for Child’s Play. In 2015 we raised over fifteen-hundred dollars for the Alzheimer’s Society. In 2016 we raised over two thousand dollars for the Enable Community Foundation.

This year our goal is to raise at least that much for Mind UK, a charity for mental health awareness and campaigns to improve mental-health services in the United Kingdom.

And, in addition to the video game madness, we are having a special Friday Night RPG stream, and a Saturday Night Boardgame stream. So join us on 31 March 2017 at 4PM CET as we game for 48 hours STRAIGHT… FOR CHARITY!

The channel goes live here:

For more information, check the project out at

And if you want to spread the word yourself, check our our shop and the pretty swag!

mammoth swag

Mammoth Swag

All proceeds benefit the charity, thanks to our sponsors!

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